This isn't necessarily news, but it bears repeating: Holocene (1001 SE Morrison) has FREE FOOD every Friday from 5-8 pm. It's part of their weekly Aperitivo happy hour. From their latest press release:
Inspired by the surprising and delightful Milano tradition of aperitivo, Holocene has begun serving wonderful, market-fresh food gratis during every Friday happy hour. It’s loads of microplates — pintxos, if you like — spread out on the bar, dropped off a few at a time at your table, as many as you please!

...And cocktails, of course. Lots of aperitif cocktail specials — heavy on bitters of all kinds, and drawing on rarities from our back shelf, like Aqua di Cedro, Crème Yvette, and small-batch vermouths. We also have very delicious Torre Oria cava — on it’s own for $5/glass every week, or mixed into cocktails, often with an orb of house made sorbetto (Campari-grapefruit! blueberry!).

What's in store for this week's Aperitivo? Drinks include "Negroni Sbagliat(ish)," which is made from Aviation gin, Campari, vermouth, and "a dash of bubbles," plus Torre Oria Cava with Liquore Strega and spiced cherry. I have no idea what these would taste like. More importantly, the FREE FOOD includes the following: basmati corn & arugula salad; meatballs in peperonata, octupus and potato in Romesco; onion rings with saffron aioli; and something called Eggs Mimosa, which sounds bizarre and possibly too good to be true. This week features DJing from DJ Tropical Depression (AKA Claudia Meza from Explode into Colors). Meanwhile, Holocene continues their monthly market dinners on October 25.