Gastronomica has a piece up today about Coke's mid-nineties attempt to appeal to Ethan Hawkes' character from Reality Bites. I had forgotten all about the soda, but I think I liked it? Maybe? I remember that one day a new vending machine was wheeled into Jefferson Middle School, and a couple months later it was gone. I remember that everyone who tried said: "It's OK. Har Har." I remember the marketing was quirky and cheeky, and had a phone number you could call for funny messages about okay-ness. I remember the packaging, designed by Daniel Clowes (though I wouldn't discover Ghost World until a couple years later). I don't remember, however, what it tasted it like. My vaguest recollection is that it resembled a suicide/graveyard (you know, when you mix all the fountain sodas together), but my memory of those years is fickle.

Can someone help me out? (And can we keep this from devolving into a soda vs. pop shitstorm?)