Y'all need the purple box of tampons to deal with that tourist flow.
holy crap (donut pun not intended, but pun). if they really want the Portland experience, they should come back mid-winter. or cover the sidewalk with a sprinkler-awning.
Why? WHY?!
This is mind-boggling. Are donuts really so rare in other places? Why isn't Top Pot in Seattle similarly mobbed, considering their donuts are better? Is this Portland's number 1 tourist attraction? Why???
I'm perplexed as to why people are so upset that we have a tourist trap. Yeah it's gimmicky, but I'm quite happy to have Californians come here and leave their money behind.
*trumpet fanfare *

*Unfurls scroll *

* Clears throat *


* farts *
The herd of buffalo will thin once Rachel Ray and Anthony Bourdain cover Pee-Town’s latest tourist trap, P Palace.
Gimmicks like mediocre donuts with silly names may not win any blind-taste test awards; but marketing managers know it buys tons of exposure on the Travel Channel and the Food Network. Can we expect something different this time around from the dude at Voodoo? Or should we expect to see menu items like Hootie and the Blow Fish Sticks with a side of Fleetwood Mac’n Cheese?
Perhaps a potato pancake pizza featuring a parsnip and parsley-infused pumpkin pie crust, sprinkled with parboiled peas, poached pimentos, Peter-Piper-pickled-peppers, pistachio pudding, topped with peaches (in heavy syrup), shredded papaya, pulled pork, and pineapple. Polish it off with a pinot or pilsner served by a pretentious Portlander.

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