This is the worst. Fuck all that.

Congratulations to Foti and Jill.

Hopefully Mad Greek Deli is half decent.

Sniff, snort.
What is Foti's? Where? Anything?
Damn, I love Foti's. Been going there since I was a kid with the Portland Parks swim team at Buckman Pool, 30 years now. Two nicer folks than Foti and Jill you will never meet.
They had an original, working Ms. Pac Man machine, along with some of the best spanakopita in town. Are there any other Mediterranean grocers in town?
@guspasho. I hope you're trolling.

@ Cat & Beard There's Anoush Deli & International Food Market on 122nd. They make a good Babaganoush but I must say they are as surly as Foti's is friendly.
I always wondered when they went on vacation. Best hummus in town.
Anyone that works with the public could learn a thing or two from Jill. I'm gunna miss them and that place. Hope the Mad Greek can fill that void.
I'm going to miss Foti's (and I, too, LOVE Jill). My first "adult" job was in their neck of the woods and they were my favorite lunch spot. Thank you for the great memories, Foti's Greek Deli!
Sad day for us, happy day for Foti and Jill. Whenever my kids started in on me about wandering down to the Greek Festival, I reminded them that we could walk down to Foti's instead and get better food without the lines or drinking.

And for those of you who might think I was crankily depriving the young'uns, we did still go to the festival, but you know, the point HAD to be made.
@ Cat and Beard: Ya Hala on SE Stark in Montavilla, Barbur World Foods in SW.
'Wrath of Khan' moment in 3..2..1...

I'll miss that place greatly.

I REALLY wanna make an offer on that Ms. Pac-Man machine if it won't be making the move to the new spot.
I've never bothered to go in. But happy to read a story about these two folks. They seem super nice. Congrats on the retirement!
My daughter keeps promising to take me there since she's a friend of the family. I guess she better hurry.
Sad! I love this place, especially the woman who's the cashier. I'm glad it's staying as a Greek deli, though.
Happy retirement Foti and Jill Kosmas, we are so happy you stayed with us as long as you did even after the calamity of 1999. You made the best tzadziki in town and will be missed. Calamari was pretty good too.
Sad....many good memories. @ J-Renaud....amen to that...most here don't know what you are referring to but I sure remember
This is so sad. I used to work at the pot clinic on Ankeny, right by them, and would get gyros and burgers all the time. I got laid off on Monday and wondered when I'd be able to come by and tell Jill that I wouldn't be around as much anymore. Guess now I just get to say goodbye...

@J_Renaud, what was the calamity of 1999? I am super curious.
Jill & Foti......I'll miss you and your wonderful food (I especially liked the tzatziki).
Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful retirement.

Janie & Tatie(the mini dachshund)

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