I live down the street from this place and travel to Podnah's about twice a month for good BBQ. Now I have two reasons for doing so.
Clay's Mike Slyman sounds like a wonderful person and sensible. I love food on large plates because take out is important to me when I can have a midnight snack.

So much for the tiny plates, and barely there food. Great article. We will be there.
this place is better than Podnah's ever will be, says a southern gal from New Orleans!
This sounds like a great place...big plates are a must for us. Can't eat it all there?...bag it up...we're not proud. It ticks me off to order a higher priced meal...because it sounds so delectable and when served you're wondering if there is another plate coming. Walking away hungry? Why go in the first place? God Bless you Mike Slyman and crew at Clay's.
Both of these places can take a back seat to Roadrunner.
Clay's is awesome! My other favorite BBQ in town is Campbell's out on Powell, if they're still around.
This dude is the real deal serving up honest food to appreciative customers.

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