Mi Mero Mole's Nick Zukin—the gourmet, the gourmand, the gastronome, the legend—put his prodigious culinary imagination on overdrive and came up with what might be Burger Week's biggest, ballsiest, most out-there fantasy burger yet. This burger would cost about $15 on any normal day, but for you, gentle soul, this cornucopia is just $5. He took some rather compromising photos of me trying to get my mouth around the thing last week...take a look at it (I'm reserving the right not to publish his pics) and see what I mean:

Mi Mero Moles $5 burger. Chips and margarita not included
  • Chris Onstad
  • Mi Mero Mole's $5 burger. Chips and margarita not included.

Sonoran Chile Relleno Burger: Chorizo patty on brioche bun with refried black beans, guacamole, pickled red onions, especial sauce, and bacon-wrapped hatch chile relleno. Available after 2pm at Chinatown location only.

This thing is amazing, and despite its looks, it absolutely works. The flavors are huge but balanced, popping in and out throughout the experience. An initial tang of sauce and tender, flame-roasted chile gives way to bacon and chorizo, which glides beautifully into the rich, lasting flavor of smooth black beans. He might break even on the burger, but he's going to lose money on napkins, so be a mensch and order a drink, chips, whatever.

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The Portland Mercury would like to thank our partners once again this year, world-class meat provider Nicky USA, Widmer Brothers Brewing, and Jim Beam Kentucky Fire!

Important reminder: THESE BURGERS WILL SELL OUT. Last year’s restaurants had one main issue with the event last year, and that was people getting angry and rude when they found out that they are part of a reality where restaurants that are getting slammed run out of food. We have better forecasting numbers this year, but please: go early, be kind, get a drink, and, most importantly, a $5 burger is a privilege, not a right. You know what someone who acts like a horse’s ass is? Hint: It has two enormous buttocks and large poops fall out of the middle.