Food and Drink Jan 14, 2015 at 4:20 pm

This Chicken Shack Will Blow Your Mind


Count this A-hole in. Finally, Mexican food worth talking about. If they're out, you can always head next door to Nepo 42 for some of the best wings in town.
I've ate here a few times. It's stellar. You should eat here, too.
Way to bring your ignorant smack-talk to a totally unrelated article, ^^jake. "Suburb" has a well-known and accepted definition, having to do with city limits and other really-hard-to-understand concepts, and your effort to redefine the word is the only self-kidding and embarrassment going on here.
Regardless of how you want to define "suburb", literally or figuratively, jake is mostly right. The vast majority of restaurants in the city are suburban white people's take on a certain type of cuisine, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I think you have to head towards 82nd, on the way to Gresham btw, to find a wider variety of authentic and diverse cuisine.
"The vast majority of restaurants in the city are suburban white people's take on a certain type of cuisine." ^^So where are you eating, PF Changs and Applebees? Are you really so invested in slamming Portland, white people, and the restaurant scene that you can't appreciate the many creative, amazing, eating and drinking experiences all around you?
Also worth mentioning is Taqueria Santo Domingo, next door to Pollo Norte.. Best tripa tacos I have ever had, and homemade tortillas on the weekends. I assure you it's not a white person's "take", although certain commenters on here are probably too white/ scared to try the tripas tacos or belly up to a great bowl of menudo, and will stick to the chicken burrito and then complain about it not meeting their warped view of "authentic".

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