Have you checked out the Mercury's massive Happy Hour guide on the streets this week? There are almost 80 suggestions of great places to eat and drink on the cheap—but we also asked many of Portland's food and entertainment industry professionals to weigh in with their favorites, which we'll be sharing with you from now until we run out of 'em. Because... knowledge! Here are some great opinions from today's industry pro.

Your name and job title?

Damian Magista. Founder of Bee Local.

What is your favorite happy hour? Why?

I’d have to say Club 21 (2035 NE Glisan). It’s a Portland stalwart that offers great service, no attitude, and a solid mix of people. Their happy hour food is deceptively good at reasonable prices. Be careful of their homemade jalapeño poppers. You will pay dearly the next day if you dare tangle with them…burning ring of fire, my friends.

Is it classy or trashy? Why?

Club 21 is comfortably nestled right in the middle. It’s got a bit of something for everyone.

Afternoon or late night happy hours?

Afternoon. It gives me time to get drunk, eat, and pass-out at a reasonable hour.

What’s the best and/or worst thing that’s happened to you at a happy hour?

The best was probably when I got wasted and decided it would be funny to take one of Matchbox Lounge’s outdoor tables…and got caught. As far as the worst, let me just say I’ve fallen into some pretty dark rabbit holes.

Should all happy hours be legally required to give out free Miller High Life?

Being an enthusiast of the Champagne of Beers my answer would be "Yes, all happy hours should be required to give out free Miller High Life."

What food must be served at all happy hours?

Nachos and/or their devious cousin Totchos are perhaps the perfect happy hour food.

Kids at happy hour: yay or nay? What about dogs?

In most cases, I prefer the company of canines to small moist disease carrying humans. Happy Hour is the last sanctuary of adults and must remain so.