As if chocolate needed any extra marketing to entice people to indulge, now local chocolatier Moonstruck Chocolates is giving it the beer treatment. Suck it, milk.

The Oregon Craft Brewers Collection, a package of a dozen crown- and bottle-top shaped pieces with four beer-infused truffles, will be available beginning September 9 online and at select retailers—including, naturally, the five Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés in the Portland metro area.

Some lucky winners will get to attend a private event hosted at the World of Speed Museum down in Wilsonville. At the what?? When asked why this venue (which certainly required some out-of-the-box-of-chocolates thinking) would be hosting, publicist Rachael Ka’apu said, “We needed a venue large enough, it was also important to find a fun venue where all four breweries would be equally represented, and finally who doesn’t love chocolate, beer and cars?”

As for which breweries and beers were selected to represent Oregon Craft Brewers, here’s a rundown of the salivating specifics.

Deschutes Brewery—Black Butte Porter Truffles
A dark beer with a light hop bitterness and a roasted chocolate finish, Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter was a natural choice for Chef Rose’s inspiration. Rose recreated the beer’s intense, complex flavors and creamy mouthfeel with a blend of Moonstruck dark and milk chocolate ganache and a Black Butte Porter reduction.

Full Sail Brewing Co.—IPA Truffles
Full Sail Brewing’s IPA is a premium pale ale with aromas of citrus that lead to a light, malty body and a crisp, hoppy finish. Chef Rose recreated the hop-forward flavor of this ganache with a crafty blend of milk, dark, and ivory chocolates and just the right amount of beer reduction to bring out the full IPA flavor.

Rogue Ales—Hazelnut Brown Nectar Truffles
A twist on the traditional European brown ale, Rogue Ale’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar features the aroma of roasted hazelnuts and a smooth, malty finish. Chef Rose’s Hazelnut Brown Truffle blends Moonstruck milk chocolate ganache with a generous amount of roasted hazelnut praline, malts, and hop, and just a hint of coffee to bring forward the nutty beer flavor.

Widmer Brothers Brewing—Hefeweizen Truffles
An original American “hefe,” Widmer Brother’s Hefeweizen delivers rich wheat-and-yeast flavors and hints of citrus in the finish. For Chef Rose, this inspired a ganache made from a balanced blend of Moonstruck ivory chocolate and a whisper of dark chocolate, to bring forward the bread notes and aroma that are distinct to this beer’s style.