Food and Drink Jan 27, 2016 at 6:00 pm

The Germans Are Coming


Not to be pedantic, but I'm going to indulge anyway: your headline refers to Bavarian beers where your article only talks about German-style beer in general. Many Americans have the geographic misunderstanding that Bavaria and Germany are interchangeable, when in fact Bavaria is but one German 'Land' (state) with its own unique culture (a culture that is often also all too often mistaken by USians as "German culture." I blame Oktoberfest.)

In fact, many Germans (including perhaps Herr Hahn who hails from Freiburg, a city hundreds of kilometers away from Bavaria, and a city to which I also have a personal connection and affinity) might take offense at this characterization. I know many of my German friends are not actually very fond of Bavarians. Imagine, as an Oregonian, being mistaken for a Texan. That's the closest analogy I can think of.

That said, I am excited to see a boom in Germanic-style beers (Bavarian or otherwise) in the Portland brewing scene. One does not live on overhopped IPA alone!
Dear Mayor Defacto, I am the author of this story and just as you are not, in fact, the mayor of anywhere, surely you're aware that sometimes things get written, be it names of commenters or appellations, that are slightly removed from sheer veracity yet the point is still made. I'm not trying to throw my editors under any buses, but as I filed it, I actually used the word "German" in my headline and the word "Bavarian" to describe the Purity Law, which I see has been toggled. While they are not fungible, only the admittedly pedantic would get upset over it. As you conclude, delight in the boom of Germanic-style beers and hoist a stein, stange, or mas to our glut of nonoverhopped beers.

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