NOTHING SAYS SUMMERTIME like blended cocktails. Blendies, slushies, icies, freezesā€”whatever you call them, they're a summertime staple. Here are our picks for the top spots to suck down some boozy smoothies:

Bit House Saloon

Bit House's cocktail menu spends a lot of time in leftfield, mixing adventurous ideas with unpretentious playfulness. Blendies are a mainstay hereā€”like the tiki twist of the "Slurricane," a nectarine-passion fruit-five spice concoction. Keep an eye out for the return of the famous Palmer Glacier Pops, blending classic cocktails with Otter Pop flavorsā€”think Rhubarb Negroni and Cherry Whiskey Coke. 727 SE Grand

The Lavaflow Hale Pele

Hale Pele

The king of all piƱa coladas can be found at this NE Broadway tiki haven, along with a tropical avalanche of other expertly blended, lavishly decorated island beachcomber classics. (Don't sleep on the diminutive Missionary's Downfall. Just because it's not enormous or on fire doesn't mean it's not delicious.) 2733 NE Broadway

Bunk Bar

Mixing beer and blendies is pure summertime novelty, which is probably why Bunk does it two ways: the Sidepipe, a frozen margarita with a Corona diving head first into it (to show you how it's done), and its beautiful inverse, the Iceberg, a pint of beer with a titanic float of that same frozen margarita. 128 NE Russell

Pizza Jerk

Of course, not to be outdone by Bunk, the pizza wing of Tommy Habetz's growing empire just got its own slushie setup. Lead bartender Tyler Hauptman says there will always be one boozy slushie and one non-alcoholic option for the kids. Right now, it's a classic margarita blend and a non-alcoholic cherry lime that goes great with the addition of a double shot of vodkaā€”as a recent hangover can vouch for. 5028 NE 42nd

Shalom Y'all

Salt & Straw aren't the only crew bringing soft-serve to Pine Street Market. Across the food court at Shalom Y'all, they're serving a Turkish Delight slushie with vodka, Ceylon tea, and lemonā€”something like a frozen John Dalyā€”that you can even get as a float in a glass of Carlsberg pilsner. 126 SW 2nd

Whiskey Soda Lounge

It's been six years since Whiskey Soda Lounge installed its bia wun "jelly beer" machines, and yet the novelty has not faded one bit. The delight of drinking a partially frozen beer slushie through a straw is only matched by watching the machineā€”which looks like something between a hula dance and one of those old vibrating belt weight-loss machinesā€”do its magic. 3131 SE Division

Bar Bar

Everyone's favorite burger/patio combo just got a new machine, though seekers of frozen goodness will only be able to partake one day a week: Sunday. Bar Bar is calling them "squishies," and they'll feature a different flavor each weekā€”served until they run out. Go forth and do the Lord's blendie drinking work. 3939 N Mississippi

Stella Taco

This NE Alberta Austin-style taco shop just opened up a second outpost on SE Division, and with all the new tables and fixtures, there's also a double-spigot slushie machine whirring away at the counter. Recently, there was a lime margarita and an Oregon Marionberry margaritaā€”and they were both phenomenal. 2940 NE Alberta, 3060 SE Division