Kachka Aaron Lee

We’re one week into Portland Dining Month, which gives us all the chance to visit a whole bunch of restaurants to take advantage of their monthlong three courses-for-$33 deals.

But one of its participants, Kachka’s Bonnie Morales, is offering a new one-night-only seder at month’s end, and she’s teaming up with the Nightwood Society’s Sarah Schneider to do it.

On Saturday, March 31, Morales and Schneider are throwing a family style seder at the Nightwood Society’s new digs at 2218 NE Broadway.

The passover dinner will begin with starters like ling cod gefilte fish, mushroom-stuffed eggs, and a veal cholodetz terrine, which will be followed by dishes like matzo ball chicken soup, smoked brisket, and khremzleh fritters with duck gribenes, to name just a few dishes. It’ll wrap up with a trio of desserts, including Manischewitz-Concord grape fruit jellies, dark chocolate sour cherry hazelnut bark afikomen, and Meyer lemon saffron macaroons.

This seder will cost more than its Dining Month peers—it clocks in at $85 per person—but that also includes four shots of flavored vodka, distilled from grapes, as well as gratuity.

And food activist Hannah Treuhaft will be on hand to walk you through the Israelites’ exodus from Egyptian slavery and how that story has shaped history.

To buy tickets, visit the Nightwood’s website. Doors open that night open at 5:30 pm, with dinner starting promptly at 6.