The kinds of wines youll find at Beauner
The kinds of wines you'll find at Beauner

Ambonnay is known as a champagne bar, but once a month they throw a little party serving wines from Burgundy. Burgundian red wines are considered the best examples of Pinot Noir anywhere, while their Chardonnay whites are also world-beaters.

The idea behind Beauner (that’s a play on “Beaune” a village in Burgundy. Gettit?) is that so-called grand and premier cru—are available by the glass at close to cost price, meaning you get a chance to taste first-class wines without spending $$$. The wines are relatively young—most will be happy to age for another decade—but then they would cost even more. The selection changes monthly; Burgundian labels are notoriously difficult to decipher for the uninitiated so don’t be afraid to ask what’s what.

Beauner, August 6, 5-9 PM,