A swarm of bees took over a Times Square hot dog cart today, and the event has been live streamed on Periscope. Right now a guy is vacuuming up some bees with a special bee vacuum. Or maybe it is just a regular vacuum.

Please remember that it is just some bees who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is NOT a metaphor for anything—NOT an analogy for the state of consumer capitalism, in which Mother Nature has innocently found herself in a noisy, hostile, paved-over hellscape in which giant TV screens advertise such demonic commodities as Takis and Pretty Woman: The Musical; NOT a pithy encapsulation of the plight of the world's dwindling bee populations, upon which our entire ecological and food systems rely; and it is definitely NOT a symbol of the state of our country, in which a flock of poisonous, petty WASPs have descended upon our democracy and attempted to ruin it, as we, just now, enter the first, nervous stages of carefully cleaning up their mess up and removing their stinging corruption. Bees aren't wasps, you guys.

No. These bees just probably wanted a hot dog, or a pretzel, and maybe a Sprite or something. Bees like Sprite.