Is Slabtown now going to be applied to the entirety of NW Portland outside of the "Alphabet District" because until a year or so ago, Slabtown was the name of a bar and nothing else.

Rae's was located in the NW Industrial Area/Northwest Portland and not Slabtown. Maybe "Slabtown" is the name the transplants/migrants to Portland want to call the neighborhood because it sounds gritty, but the reality is that it's Northwest Portland and not some developer's new neighborhood with a name that a few focus groups liked.


considering the neighborhood has vastly changed since it earned the nickname "slabtown", maybe it is overdue to adapt. and if we want to sound gritty, we can call it the bucket, just a spitting distance away.


Agree with Slabtown moniker from a focus group. Transplants STFU. Also, this writer needs to learn correct grammatical structure.

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