Courtesy Ruby Jewel

Ruby Jewel, the local ice cream maker that cut its first teeth serving ice cream sandwiched between homemade cookies at local farmers markets back in 2007, is opening a scoop shop on NW 23rd sometime just before summer. It’s a development that will now put a Ruby Jewel brick-and-mortar in every Portland quadrant.

The ice cream shop, which has locations in Boise, on Hawthorne, and in Downtown’s West End, will occupy the space recently vacated by The Abbey Bar & Bottleshop (which still has a NW 21st location, so don’t fret Belgian beer lovers).

Representatives from the company said that the shop could be selling those now-famous cookie ice cream sandwiches by May. Its expected hours are noon to 10 or 11 at night, depending on the season.

Stay tuned.

Ruby Jewel: 1650 NW 23rd