Great article! I love Farm strong and of course Deschutes! How did you miss one of the the originals (before it was cool)? it began In 1988 (the same year as Rogue and Deschutes began) in a little seaside town called Ft. Bragg California. Most people know them for Old Rasputin (1995). But one of their three first beers in 1988 was their Scrimshaw Pilsner Style Beer. since day one,. the Scrimshaw Pilsner Style stats are- 22 IBUs/ 4.7 ABV/ 100 calories/ 2 carbs. 100% great flavor. North Coast Brewing Co.non barrel aged beers are GMO Free Project verified, N C is a Certified B-Corp, True zero waste, and an Independent Brewery.
still closed for lunch from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

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