Big’s Chicken is open!

Y’all: I cannot understate my level of excitement that Big’s Chicken has reopened, mere blocks from its original NE Glisan location which burned down. They’d opened a Beaverton location in the meantime, but those perfectly crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside jojos were no longer available in Portland proper. They’re back, along with that smoked grilled chicken sando and that sweet, sweet buttermilk pie. HOORAY. (Big’s Chicken, 4606 NE Glisan,

Half off wine bottles Wednesdays at Quaintrelle!

Quaintrelle is good, and if you haven’t gone there, you definitely should. And make it a Wednesday because that’s when their entire (super tasty!) bottle list goes for half off, making a very good $70 pinot just $35, for example. You can even do this at happy hour, meaning you can be dining very bougie for very cheap. (Quaintrelle, 3936 N Mississippi,

Flannel Shirt weather at Clyde Common!

Never forget that Jeffrey Morgenthaler is behind the cocktail program at Clyde Common and that you should go there for drinks. Due to popular demand, he’s put the Flannel Shirt, his iconic winter drink with scotch, apple cider, brown sugar, lemon and allspice, back on the menu through the end of the year. Put on a scarf and get super seasonal. (Clyde Common, 1014 SW Harvey Milk,