Saturday evening we're putting on our final Late Night Action of the 2015/16 season and it's going to be big. To jog your memory: Late Night Action is Portland's late night-style talk show featuring local news, commentary, jokes, and celebrity guests. And it's live at the very reasonable hour of 7pm, so you can get all the fun of late shows without staying up past your bed time. This month's theme is Bees, Cheese, and Vote-For-Mes.


For the season closer, we've got mayoral front-runner Ted Wheeler sitting down to talk about the future of Portland, plus a chat with local entrepreneurs who are making waves in the world of bees and cheese including...

-> Cheese Bar founder and award winning cheese monger(!) Steve Jones
-> Bee hive magnates Matt & Jill Reed of Bee Thinking
-> Junea Rocha, founder of Brazi Bites, the Brazilian cheese ball company

Plus music from LEO and comedy from the unreasonably attractive and decently funny Jordan Casner.

It's all Saturday at 7pm at Mississippi Studios. You can still buy tickets or if you're feeling lucky you can try to win a free pair of tickets by emailing your name RIGHT HERE (put "Late Night Action Tix" in the subject line). And do it before 3 pm Friday or just forget about it!