No hyperbole: The abortion-cum-game dubbed Deus Ex: Invisible War took any affection that its universally acclaimed, eternally beloved predecessor (check out number two) instilled in me for the series as a whole, decapitated said affection, then shit down its conceptual neck stump.

Still, I have to admit, the newly released English-language version of the Tokyo Game Show 2010 trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks real pretty.

It's like this third game in the series is a post-op tranny who already had really feminine bone structure, a high voice and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. If Human Revolution has a great personality and none of my guy friends have to find out that I'm playing something whose plot originally had man bits sprouted from Invisible War, this relationship might just work.

Then again, there's always the possibility that every time I turn him her the game on my mind will be filled with images of the pendulous, hirsute scrotum that was Invisible War.

February 2011 is gonna be a rough month.