The corner of the gaming 'net dedicated to Activision's Modern Warfare series has been clangorous as of late. A full explanation would involve reiterating why people are so in love with the series' cinematic recreation of modern military action, but the short version goes a lil' something like this.

Last week, Kotaku took time away from hemorrhaging readers via their totally bullshit redesign to break news on the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. According to their sources the game hits shelves on November 8 and "ties up nearly all loose ends from previous titles, including the final moments of key figures in the series' history."

Despite the baffling Internet furor over gaming journalists actually earning their pay, Activision realized the cat was out of the bag and sprinting around the room, and officially came out in support of all of the site's claims. In keeping with the firm's surprisingly reasonable (and somewhat suspicious, now that I think of it) "we may as well break the news ourselves" stance, the first official trailer for Modern Warfare 3 has hit the 'net, and it's exactly the sort of histrionic military-porn you'd expect.

Thoughts? The Internet has already feigned outrage over the virtual destruction of mid-town Manhattan, but if you wanna pitch a fit about the Eiffel Tower standing so close to those assault rifles, feel free.