This is not the console. This is the controller.
  • Nintendo
  • This is not the console. This is the controller.

Nintendo has unveiled a new console, dubbed "Wii U," and the Internet is in love.

In a gross way. With fluids.

In short, the console features HD graphics up to 1080p and controllers that sport 6-inch touchscreens and cameras.

More impressively however, is the system's already robust games lineup. All the Nintendo classics will be getting Wii U sequels as per usual, though the third party publisher support is the real coup here. Everything from Madden to Ninja Gaiden to Street Fighter will be appearing on the Wii U, bucking the trend of Nintendo consoles relying entirely on the appeal of Super Mario Bros. and the latest Legend of Zelda sequel to draw customers.

Despite the gushing hyperbolic praise my colleagues offer across the 'net, the best source for quality information on the device is Nintendo's own website. It's got videos of the console in action, screenshots from upcoming games, and an annoyingly pristine white aesthetic.

Barring delays, the Wii U will go on sale sometime next year. No pricing details have yet been offered, but I'd expect the thing to weigh in at under $300.