Indie Game: The Movie finally has a trailer! Joy!

In case you haven't heard, IG:TM is an upcoming documentary exploring the people behind the independent games movement. It tracks their lives as they make, market and publish their indie opuses (opii? Opie?), and seemingly exposes the key pro-creativity ethos of the movement in the process.

If you've been wondering why all the major game releases are sequels and boring rehashes, these are the people you should be paying attention to.

It's a perfect topic for this sort of film, but ...

Honestly, documentaries are kind of hit and miss for me. For every brilliant Man On Wire, you have a pandering Michael Moore flick or some stupid movie about bears.

That said, videogames have fared pretty well as a topic for documentarians. King of Kong was like a geeky retelling of Rocky, with a douchebag hot sauce salesman in place of Carl Weathers, and the BBC's Tetris: From Russia With Love may be the most inventive Cold War spy thriller since that one Bond flick where George Lazenby punches Lenin's corpse in the groin.

Oh, and of course, I can't mention gaming documentaries without namedropping my pals at Pure West. Their movie, Second Skin, is the gold standard for in-depth glimpses at the people who spend their days in virtual realms like World of Warcraft and Everquest. No joke here. It's just a damn good flick.

I'm hoping against my inherent genre wariness that Indie Game: The Movie can live up to the promise of its slickly-produced trailer. The subject matter is interesting and the people they interview (especially Braid creator Johnathan Blow) are just the right combination of artistic geek and outspoken character.

Of course, assuming the film is good, that's still no guarantee that people will seek it out. For many this is a side of gaming they simply can't see over the massive marketing budgets of the EA and Activision titles that clog store shelves like so many derivative baby rabbits.

In closing, watch this thing. Also, give them money. Also, don't buy games made of baby rabbits.