So there's a team of honey badgers in the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Why, you ask? Two reasons:

1) This is a thing that people laughed at for like a week. You could click through that link, but your being here indicates that you've probably already been asked to "check out this hilarious video!!!11!" by a number of friends, co-workers, and whichever elderly relative still sends mass emails.

2) Nyan Cat wanted too much money? That "I like turtles" kid was acting like a diva? I really have no idea.

This whole "let's appeal to those internet jerks by including their memes in our product" thing just seems really cynical, especially since they have to tone down the original appeal of the meme to make it palatable to a mass audience. The game will never once refer to the honey badgers as "sleepy fucks" and you can just forget about these guys forcibly castrating LeBron James at mid-court.

I just don't understand why they decided that this was a great way to improve the series. Y'know what would actually improve this latest NBA Jam game? Bring back that Bulls team from the original Sega Genesis version. Scottie Pippen would destroy a honey badger.