Unfamiliar with OC ReMix? It's a website that catalogues remixes of videogame music — or at least, that's how it started. Eventually the site became so big and had so many excellent musicians submitting work that the collective behind it decided to start releasing albums. These releases don't really follow any set schedule, but when a new album does hit, it's a solid reason for joy among fans of classic gaming music.

A few hours ago I received a press release heralding the arrival of the group's latest: An album dubbed "Unsung Heroes" that is simultaneously inspired by and paying homage to classic 16-bit (and early 32-bit) roleplaying games. Think: Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana and the Phantasy Star series.

After you're done watching the above trailer, hit the jump for word on how you can get a copy of the totally gratis album for yourself.

"Wait, Nex, what was that about "gratis?" you ask, cocking your eyebrow at me.

Yeah, "Unsung Heroes" is available absolutely free of charge. That's how OC ReMix and its legion of musicians gets around the copyright laws surrounding the classic gaming tunes that they use to create their music. As long as they aren't putting this stuff together to turn a profit, it's all fair use.

Which, while not exactly great news for devoted fans of rampant capitalism, is certainly a boon for those of us who enjoy good music yet would rather put our cash toward essentials like food, rent and buying ponies for attractive ladies.

So how do you get the album? You've got a few options there. First, I'll draw your attention to the album's official site. That page offers a link to a "download" section that contains both a torrent to the .FLAC version of the album, as well as a handful of mirrors hosting the standard .MP3 iteration of "Unsung Heroes." Both versions also include custom art work and info on the creation of the album.

But say you don't yet know if you want to spend the next 7 minutes pulling down the album via Bit Torrent. That's fine too. If you're a Spotify user, I've also put together a playlist that includes the whole thing.

Now granted, "Unsung Heroes" probably isn't for everyone. This is pretty hardcore gaming geekery right here. That said, if you grew up playing Final Fantasy III/VI (or even if you fell in love with Chrono Trigger after it was ported to the iPhone), this album is a brilliant nostalgia kick that deserves at least a full rotation before you dismiss it.

So go do that. It's not like you've got anything to lose.