GONE HOME: Lets hear it for the home team!
  • GONE HOME Let's hear it for the home team!

Big props to the Portland-based Fullbright Company: their story exploration game Gone Home (we wrote about it, remember?) earned Polygon's Game of the Year award! It also ranked #3 in USA Today and was named won best Independent and best PC game at the Spike VGX awards... and blah blah blah, lots of awards, it's a good game and you should play it (seriously, click here and play it).

According to the Fullbright Company blog, the game has sold nearly a quarter-million copies, "ensuring that we’ll be able to make another game, and to increase our scope and ambition ever so slightly, to make our next game something that is truly new and special." For a city that doesn't have a huge videogame culture, this is great news: It'd be awesome to have more videogame production houses around these parts, and Fullbright's success points to good things on that front.

IN TOTALLY UNRELATED VIDEOGAME NEWS... Here's the weirdest videogame trailer ever. Please watch it and explain to me all these new emotions that I'm feeling.