Oh yes, America, it's time. The high-stakes real-time challenge: Can you knock everything in this house over before your captors stop your mirthful rebellion? That's right, it's a housecat simulation game. Somebody get Courtney over here.

  • CATLATERAL DAMAGE The perfect game.

Catlateral Damage (for web, Windows, OS X and Linux) is only in alpha right now, but it is genius and probably the only game that really needed to be released in 2014 for all of us to know that videogames are doing good for the world. Perhaps the final version will have better graphics, all I'm hoping for is some really cute cat pictures. You should go play it right now and thank me later.


One more smile for you: the game is being developed by Chris Chung, who works in QA by day. See? Game testing isn't a dead-end way to trick people into thinking they'll eventually work in videogames: it's a stepping stone to greatness if you have ambition and LOVE CATS!