As soon as Breaking Bad ended, I realized that my favorite TV show on the air right now is Girls. It's hard to be a Girls fan and not continually want to do battle with the stuffy, self-important think-piece culture that's blossomed around it on the internet. Part of the reason I don't write about Girls is that I don't want to add to that conversation. I don't think it helps anything. I think the media comes across as stupid and diminishing when the best TV comedy writer in America has to keep answering inane questions about nudity and what an entire generation of young women wants.

Lena Dunham is a brilliant writer. She is also very, very funny. Dunham's characters are some of the best on television right now. On first blush, they feel like caricatures, or fools. But in a matter of minutes, they assert their humanity in subtle, important ways. The actors on Girls are all excellent at what they do—there's a reason why so many Girls actors were cast in the most recent Coen Brothers movie—but Dunham is deep in the DNA of every frame of the show. You couldn't remove Dunham from Girls any more than you could remove Charlie Chaplin from Modern Times.

Dunham doesn't need my defense, or any defense. She does just fine on her own. Her show has only gotten better as it's progressed, and she's only become more graceful in the public eye as her fame has grown. I just read about all the bullshit that she has to go through and I get so tired. I can't imagine that any normal person gives a shit about any of it—the dickish questions, the shameful publicity stunts for the sake of clickbait—and I just imagine the same media people clicking the links on the same boring articles over and over again and it just makes me so sad and so tired. Dunham deserves better than this. Hell, we all deserve better than this. Let's just move along and ignore the fucking idiots and devil's advocates and shameless sleaze merchants until they go away, okay? It's time for something better.