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Vadim Mozyrsky conceded the primary race for city council.
Vadim Mozyrsky conceded the primary race for city council. Toledo Images, courtesy of Vote Vadim for Portland City COuncil

Good Afternoon, Portland! It's a beautiful afternoon to vibe and listen to "Doom Revolver," a new song from local psych rockers the Shivas. It arrives thanks to Seattle-based indie label Suicide Squeeze's Pinks and Purples Digital Singles Series.


• People for Portland's most recent attempt at putting a measure on the November ballot to control how new funds to combat homelessness are doled out has failed. After hearing arguments on Friday a judge ruled that the measure is unconstitutional. News Editor Alex Zielinski has the story.

• City council candidate Vadim Mozyrsky officially conceded this afternoon, accepting that Rene Gonzalez will be the one to run against Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty in the fall. Mozyrsky and Gonzalez gathered fairly equal around 22 percent of the vote, compared to Hardesty's 44 percent. Gonzalez now potentially stands to gain some of Mozyrsky's supporters.

• It seems like everyone you know has been coming down with COVID again, and now even Oregon's folksiest Senator, Jeff Merkley, has tested positive for COVID as well. Merkley said his symptoms are mild, and attributed that good fortune to being vaccinated and boosted.

• If the news is too heavy, and you want to read something relaxing about the new Guinness World Record holder for eating Big Macs, behold The Trash Report:


• The horrifying May 14 mass shooting in Buffalo, New York has taken a measurable and expected toll on many of the area's young people of color. Now, as schools assure parents they can keep the students safe and help them cope with the trauma, students and parents distrust that the local schools are properly equipped.

• To be honest, it seems like monkeypox deserves a more serious name.

Facebook—alright, if you insist—Meta revealed that it will shift to a more transparent approach, regarding how the site's advertisers target various users for political ads. Good golly, it's time to learn things about ourselves again.

• Have you been following Portland's House of Ada, as they compete on the third season of HBO's Legendary? Andrew Jankowski wrote a great piece for us last week about why you SHOULD, but here's another reason: