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Gun-control advocates hold a vigil outside of the National Rifle Association headquarters.
Gun-control advocates hold a vigil outside of the National Rifle Association headquarters. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Good Afternoon, Portland! You're looking at a warm, but rainy Memorial Weekend. Blame your tears on the clouds above. OKAY, LET'S GET INTO IT. The news.


• Despite Clackamas County's drawn out and embarrassing ballot printing error, the Oregonian and Associated Press finally declared Jamie McLeod-Skinner the winner of Oregon’s 5th District primary, over longstanding representative Kurt Schrader. McLeod-Skinner beat Schrader with 70 percent of the vote.

• The City of Portland says that, following an attempted cyberattack on May 17, city officials realized they had been attacked before and last month lost $1.4 million to a “fraudulent financial transaction." OPB reports that the City of Portland says it has activated its “cyber incident response team” and notified the FBI.

• Wilhelm's Portland Memorial Mausoleum opens its doors to the general public every Memorial Day weekend, but due to the pandemic this will be the first time its been open to public visitors IN TWO YEARS! The interior is truly the stuff of clammy legends. Check out this photo essay for a preview.

• Put some new music on your radar, with recommendations from the Mercury's weekly Hear in Portland local music news column, and this record review of local psych rockers Abronia's new vision, Map of Dawn.

• Monday is Memorial Day, which means that SOME people don't have to work on it, and those people should throw BBQ / bonfire parties for the rest of us. Speaking of barbecue, the Mercury's Everout team compiled a list of local restaurants shaking their Memorial Day specials. Snickers pie from Lawless, a collaboration between Bark City BBQ and Le Pigeon—it's a good list.


• Today in news that will tear your heart from your chest, the New York Times reports that children who were trapped inside a Uvalde, Texas fourth grade classroom with an active shooter, on Tuesday, called 911 to give updates and beg for help for the duration of the crisis. That information allegedly never made it to law enforcement who waited 78 minutes to enter the classroom—even restraining parents who could hear continued gunshots.

• Kind of a fascinating read: The Associated Press's Michael Sisak compiled a list of the circumstances under which guns from 22 recent mass shootings were purchased or acquired.

• At the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention, in Houston, today the organization's CEO Wayne LaPierre made sure to loudly broadcast that he considers gun ownership a “fundamental human right.” Rather than restrict gun ownership, the Hill reports that LaPierre called for "additional security at schools, changes to the criminal justice system," and new funding for mental health.

• Russia continues to invade Ukraine, and—since the fall of southern port city Mariupol—has focused much of its military might on the country's southeastern Donbas region. Although we think of the war in Ukraine as having started in February 2022, many in the Donbas region would say they've been defending their country since 2014.

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