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A 2018 strawberry moon in Cornwall.
A 2018 strawberry moon over Cornwall. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Good Afternoon, Portland! Are you getting on your strawberry shoes, hat, and unmentionables for tonight's STRAWBERRY MOON? It's happening here in Portland, but we'll talk more about it in the national news because strawberry moon is visible all over.


• It's becoming the norm for parents to interrupt North Clackamas School District school board meetings with shouts about LGBTQ-related teaching materials, gender-inclusive sex education curriculums, and conversations about race. The trend is reflective of the recent wave of homophobic, transphobic, and racist movements, policies, and laws at schools across the nation. Read Isabella Garcia's engrossing feature on a ripple of hate that has now reached the Portland metro area.

• As a part of the 2022 Mercury Queer Guide, News Editor Alex Zielinski spoke to KGW news anchor Ashley Korslien about the process of creating a true crime podcast about the murder of Vancouver teen Nikki Kuhnhausen, while avoiding harmful LGBTQ+ tropes.

• Former Mercury Senior Editor Megan Burbank back at it again:

• Another Pride Parade weekend is upon us, and there are plenty of ways to get loud and proud, from family-friendly celebrations to events that are a little friskier in nature.

• A good dominant ALWAYS respects limits, especially in the middle of play. On this week's Savage Love, Dan invites Lina Dune, host of the Ask a Sub podcast, to offer advice about doms that try to "renegotiate" boundaries mid-session.


• TODAY'S TOP STORY IS STRAWBERRY MOON. The Oregonian says we'll have two supermoons this summer, and strawberry moon is the first. In Portland we should look for its super-ness around 10 pm. According the NPR, June supermoons take their name from the Algonquin Native American tribes, who connected the month's moon with seasonal strawberry harvest. It won't be any pinker than usual, but it WILL scatter the world in moon strawberries (It won't do that either, but if anyone wants to commission a picture book along those lines—holler).

• All that's left for the Supreme Court Police Parity Act to become law is the signature of President Biden, as it passed the House today with overwhelming support. The only opposition came from a small number of Democrats who also wanted to extend protections to clerks and other workers at the court—but the New York Times reports that Republicans thought that was unnecessary.

• Who would have thought when WNBA player Brittney Griner was arrested by Russian officials four months ago, she would STILL be detained. One week before Russia invaded Ukraine, Russian officials arrested Griner, saying that they found vape cartridges bearing traces of hash oil in her luggage. Today they extended her pretrial detention to July 2. Although some pundit's think Griner is being kept as a potential bargaining chip, that would be a testament to Russia's failure to understand Western culture and the extreme apathy the US feels about women's basketball.

• Burger Week may be the master of weeks, but Sandwich Week is the switch—I'm counting SIX veg options, including a STRAWBERRY basil ice cream sandwich.