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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND!  And the heat just keeps on comin'! Expect temps to pop up to 102 tomorrow (!!) and 100 (!) on Saturday before tamping itself down to an only moderately sweltering 94 on Sunday. Take care of each other and yourself... say, with a delicious $6 boozy frozen cocktail during the Mercury's SUMMER OF SLUSHIES? Just a thought! And now... the NEWS.


• That's not déjà vu you're experiencing, Portland police fatally shot another member of the public last night, making it their second fatal encounter and third public shooting of the week. Our Alex Zielinski explains what happened. (Oh, and don't miss her excellent tweet thread on why you haters need to button it when it comes to our honest reporting on the cops.)

• As previously mentioned, the National Weather Service is predicting excessive heat in Portland until Saturday evening (and perhaps into Sunday), and as such, cooling shelters will remain open through at least Saturday. Our Isabella Garcia has the latest.

• Related: Two deaths have already been attributed to Oregon's current heatwave. UPDATE: Make that four.

• If you love the Pickathon music fest, you're gonna lose your goddamn mind this year—because organizers took their pandemic down-time to rework the already great location into something even greater. Our Jenni Moore has your sneaky-peek!


• Wishy-washy Democratic traitor Joe Manchin has reportedly agreed to sign back on to the climate/energy/tax package he had previously pooh-poohed after extended talks with Sen. Chuck Schumer—but only after the Dems agreed to lose billions in tax increases against the rich. But don't get your hopes up yet! We still have "Democratic traitor #2" to deal with... Kyrsten Sinema.

• Self-described "moderate" Republicans and Democrats (including Andrew Yang) are teaming up to form a new political party that they say will appeal to Americans with "common sense." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA... nope.

• Eight are dead and many more are expected after massive floods wiped out hundreds of homes in eastern Kentucky.

• Today in "good luck with that, shit-head": "Trump presses his claim of legal immunity from Jan. 6 lawsuits."

• And finally... wait... WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME??