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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND!  One more day of semi-comfy 80 degree weather until we pop back up into the mid-90s on Friday and Saturday! And now... let's pop in to some NEWS.


• First things first: Mount Rainier is NOT erupting... okay?!? Calm down, you're being embarrassing.

• Even though thousands of Portlanders offered their opinions on the changes our city needs to work more effectively for EVERYONE, there are certain people in city government (most notably Commish Mingus Mapps) who think you don't know very much, and want to do it THEIR WAY. How come? Alex Zielinski explains it all, but in short, they (and their devoted lobbyists) want all the power. 

• A group of Portlanders with disabilities have filed a lawsuit that claims Portland isn't doing enough to clear homeless people off the public sidewalk, thereby violating ADA laws. Oh, but here's an interesting twist: Their lawyer John DiLorenz recently made the news for hiring a security patrol to spy on houseless people outside the apartment building he co-owns to gather information that he later used to inspire a homeless sweep by the city. INTERESTING.

• While we're in a lawsuit mood: "Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson plans $100M lawsuit against Portland, county alleging malicious prosecution." 🙄

• While the Oregon Health Authority says they will stop publishing their daily updates of positive COVID cases throughout the state, the org will shift their focus to tracking monkeypox, battling the coming flu season, and addressing racial inequities in healthcare.

• The first-ever Pedalpalooza Indigenous bike ride was deemed a great success with riders coming from as far away as Arizona. Check out this sweet photo essay by Jarrette Werk from our media pals at Underscore News!


• Canadian police have captured and arrested the second suspect in last weekend's mass stabbing that killed 10 people in Saskatchewan. The suspect's brother—also implicated in the murders—was found dead near the crime scene. How he died opens up yet another line of questions.

• Bad news for bad cops: A leaked membership list of the Oath Keepers has dropped, and HUNDREDS of law enforcement officers, politicians, and members of the military are on it.

• A Michigan judge has struck down a 1931 state law that criminalizes abortion, calling it a violation of the state constitution. Currently that state's Supreme Court is considering whether or not to allow an amendment that would protect abortion rights on the November ballot.

• The official portraits of former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were unveiled at the White House today—which should have happened a few years ago, except that Trump refused because he is a shithead. 

 • And finally... if you're wondering why Jerry Seinfeld is modeling for KITH apparel... let this hilarious person explain it all for you! (I need this person in my life.)