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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Expect another partly cloudy day tomorrow with a high of 75—BUT! The heat will return this weekend with highs reaching 86 by Sunday. Now let's heat up with some NEWS.


• According to statewide test scores, Oregon students' skills in areas of math, reading, and writing have plummeted due to the constant disruptions of the pandemic—though state educators are determined to get the kids caught up.

• ICYMI: The Portland business community's sweetheart council candidate Rene Gonzalez has been slapped with a huge $77,000 fine for accepting and failing to report an enormous rent discount he was receiving from local money-bags Jordan Schnitzer. Normally the space would've gone for nearly $7,000 per month, while Rene was only paying... [checks notes] $250 a month?? (Looking to rent space downtown? Apparently Schnitzer's giving it away for a song!)  Our Isabella Garcia has more!

• OPB asked the Oregon candidates for governor what they thought about the death penalty, and while Democrat Tina Kotek said she'd continue the moratorium on capital punishment, both Republican Christine Drazan and "Shadow Republican" Betsy Johnson indicate they'd like to revoke it. (And somehow Johnson comes off even more Republican than Drazan??)

• Hey brainy pants! 🤓 Let's see how you score on this week's sassy-ass POP QUIZ PDX, featuring loudmouth frat boys, idiot TV hosts, and local rich dudes using their money for EEEEVIL!  😡 (Oh, and you can also win free pizza. 😀)


• "Special Master" Raymond Dearie is making the Trump team rue the day they suggested him for the job, because he's once again insisting that the former president better provide proof of his accusations that the FBI planted evidence, or... you know... shut the fuck up.

• Following Putin's order to send more soldiers into Ukraine to save his flailing war, Russian men are trying to escape the country in various ways to avoid the draft, while even Putin's own military is reportedly divided over whether they should continue.

• That one asshole Nazi sympathizer—you know, the one with the Hitler mustache—has been sentenced to four years in prison for his role in the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the nation's capitol.

• Right on brand: "Republicans block bill requiring dark money groups to reveal donors."

• And finally...