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Good Morning, Portland. Please bring me all of these dogs


• Portland's charter reform measure headed to the November ballot proposes many things, including a bid to lessen the power of elected officials. Mercury News Editor Alex Zielinski reports on the elected officials—and lobbyist organizations backing those officials—who have mounted well-financed campaigns against it.

• Portland Fire & Rescue doesn't consider the fire that destroyed Pepe Chile’s Taqueria—and next door Monkey Thai Street Food—on Sun Sept 4, related to another food cart explosion, that happened a week earlier, downtown. 

• A teaser trailer for Wendell & Wild, Jordan Peele's upcoming stop-motion feature dropped yesterdayPortland' Monthly's Conner Reed reports the Portland-shot "scary nuns, ghosts and ghouls" are scheduled for a Fri Oct 28 release on Netflix.

• Every September, TBA kicks off what many think of as the start of “art season” in Portland. For those familiar and new (that's time-based art, folks), Mercury arts writer Martha Daghlian let us in on her favorite reasons to attend and what she's looking forward to from the festival's 20th celebration.

• Dan Savage addresses the Dom / sub bell curve in this week's Savage Love:


• A heat dome hanging over California pushed temperatures across the state to record highs yesterday—and for a state the size of California that's saying something. The weather didn't help the state's annually dire forest fire crisis

• While it feels like there's nothing we can do (spoiler: there is) to stop the suffocating ramp-up of the world's climate crisis, the New York Times reports that hot on the heels of President Biden signing a comprehensive climate bill, corporations (Toyota, Honda, and LG, among others) are announcing a series of ambitious clean energy projects.

• In Ukraine, the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency has called for a ceasefire around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex. They've been asking for it for months, but now they're asking again. Meanwhile, despite US estimations of 80,000 dead or wounded Russian soldiers as a direct result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the country's President Vladimir Putin said, this morning: "We have not lost anything and will not lose anything."

• All hands on deck to get pumped for this already dire-looking day!

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