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Good morning, Portland! Things are looking cool and temperate out there today. We've been fooled before but right now we're looking at mid 60s to 70s for the rest of the week.


• All those people who talk about alpha and beta wolves don't actually know much about flippin' wolves. Wolf packs in the wild are family units—moms, dads, their pups, and disgruntled wolf teens getting ready to start bands. Now it appears that Oregon has a new wolf family in the northern Cascades—two adults and two pups were discovered on the reservation of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, about 100 miles southeast of Portland. 

• Cool cool cool cool cool, OPB reports that next year Oregon landlords can legally increase rent by up to 14.6 percent. 

• Mac Smiff reviewed the PAM's Perspectives and actually treated the installation with the respect and criticism it deserves. Puff pieces aren't a compliment, y'all:

•  Oregon’s Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery shuttered during the pandemic, and now its collection—of around 9,000 games—sits in parts, spread across multiple storage lockers and homes. OPB reports the museum's co-founders want to reopen, and they're also hoping someone else will run it.

• Despite the name of the Mercury's Free Ticket Tuesday, you can actually enter until Thursday—I only recently discovered this! This week, scoop up chances to see Kehlani, Fuerza Regida, or Evanescence and Korn.


The good news: Many of Senator Lindsey Graham's allies in the US Senate seem to be distancing themselves from him, in the wake of the 15-week national abortion ban that he proposed yesterday. The bad news: Being unpopular doesn't mean your bullshit ban isn't a threat to the safety and health of people who can get pregnant.

• European regulators have fined Google $5.1 billion for breaking antitrust laws—the company used the power it wielded over its Android smartphones to ask makers of the phones, like Samsung and Huawei, to set Google as the default search engine on their products.

• That 15 percent rent increase has haunted properties starting to sound kind of good. I'M KIDDING! I could never afford even a HAUNTED house (pffft):

@nomdecoom #haunted #house #realtor #manassas ♬ original sound - Pat Buetow