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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! There's a slight chance of actual liquid falling from the sky both today and tomorrow, with highs around 70. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR GALOSHES ARE? (While you ponder that, here's some NEWS.)


• According to records obtained by OPB, Portland Police apparently "slow-walked" the high-profile murder investigation of anti-fascist activist Sean Kealiher. For example, even though they had key evidence to make an arrest in 2020, the cops waited TWO YEARS to take in the suspect—and only did so after the DA's office threatened to release records to the public. (Kealiher's grieving mother, who consistently begged the cops for information during those two years, is rightly furious.)

• Portland commish Carmen Rubio is calling for an overhaul of the city's Clean Energy Fund following a withering audit, and increasingly loud voices that we need to be doing more to fight climate change. Rubio's got some big ideas, and our Isabella Garcia breaks them down for you.

• The Portland Bureau of Transportation recently swept a camp of vehicles belonging to houseless people on NE 33rd Drive which has been a safe haven for the homeless for years—but were towed away as the residents watched because of Mayor Wheeler's recent emergency declaration, and that, since it was close to the airport, it might be in violation of Federal Aviation Administration regulations. 

• Governor Kate Brown has sent up a red flag to the federal government, asking no other than President Biden to make a federal emergency declaration in response to Oregon's growing wildfires. The declaration would release federal money for wildfire response and preparation for future blazes.


• Trump-appointed judge Aileen Cannon has once again sided with her boss (Trump), and for now is refusing to allow the DOJ to continue their review of classified documents stolen by the former president and haphazardly stored at his vacation resort in Mar-a-Lago. Cannon has also appointed Raymond J. Dearie, a former chief federal judge, to be a "special master" in the case and sort through... [checks notes]... over 11,000 of the stolen documents. We'll have another update for you in 23 years.

• Teams of war crimes investigators are heading to a reclaimed city in Ukraine where a mass grave holding more than 400 (some tortured) bodies has been found.

• The migrants who were cruelly shipped to Martha's Vineyard (under false pretenses) by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were met with open arms by the residents, who were surprised by the arrival but immediately stepped up to help them. The migrants have been invited by a local military base to reside there until further efforts to help them can be made. RELATED: Fuck you, Ron DeSantis, you worthless prick.

• Billionaire loser Elon Musk is still desperately trying to squirm out of his deal to buy Twitter, accusing the company of "fraud." (Well, he would certainly know a lot about that subject.)

• And finally... okay, sometimes dogs are just RIGHT.