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Good morning, Portland! Ahhh, wasn’t that rain delightful? There’s more where that came from today, but don’t you fall haters *cough Wm. Steven Humphrey cough* worry—80 degree weather is expected to return this weekend. Now, onto the news!

In local news:

• Three Oregon hospital systems are suing the Oregon Health Authority over an alleged failure to provide care to mentally ill patients. The hospitals—Providence, Legacy, and PeaceHealth— allege that they have been forced to care for patients who should be committed to psychiatric institutions like the Oregon State Hospital, which currently has a capacity crisis.

• A check in on the governor’s race: A new poll places Democratic nominee Tina Kotek and Republican nominee Christine Drazan “neck and neck.” A poll of 600 Oregon voters indicated that 32 percent would vote for Drazan and 31 percent would vote for Kotek if the election was today, with a 4 percent margin of error. Unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson came in with 18 percent of the theoretical vote.

• Speaking of the governor’s race:

• Girls Scout Cookies will increase in price from $5 to $6 per box in 2023 due to inflation and a decline in participation, the organization announced Tuesday. SHOCK! OUTRAGE! GET THE PITCHFORKS!

• Heads up that the Portland Marathon is this Sunday, October 2, and will impact traffic on the Broadway, Burnside, Morrison, and Sellwood bridges throughout the morning and early afternoon. A full list of traffic impacts can be found on the marathon event site.

• Heads up 2.0: Portland Mercury’s Wing Week starts Monday, October 3! Get 6 wings for $6 from 27 participating restaurants around town—plan your week accordingly!

In national and international news:

• Over 2 million people in Florida were without power last night as Hurricane Ian battered the Florida Peninsula. Law enforcement officials near Orlando are conducting rescue efforts in waist deep water. The US Coast Guard has also launched a search for 23 people, likely Cuban migrants, who were attempting to cross the Florida Straits by boat during Hurricane Ian.

• Law enforcement officials are still looking for the gunman who shot six people at a school in Oakland, California, Wednesday. All six people injured were adults, and two of them remain in critical care as of Thursday. The school campus—which hosts four separate schools—is closed Thursday.

• Someone take away NBC News’ “BREAKING” privileges:

• India’s highest court ruled Thursday that people have the right to an abortion up to 24 weeks into pregnancy, regardless of martial status. Previously, the country’s law had limited the procedure to people who were married, minors, survivors of sexual assault, and “disabled and mentally ill women.” The ruling also added that sexual assault by husbands can be classified as marital rape, despite Indian law not recognizing marital rape as an offense.

• An estimated 200 environmental activists were killed globally in 2021, according to an annual report by Global Witness. More than three-quarters of the activists were killed in Latin America, and 54 were killed in Mexico, making the country to deadlift place to be an environmental activist for the third year in a row, according to the report.

• The most illogical belief I have is that I could lie down with the lions and they wouldn’t hurt me because they would be able to sense that I’m chill and just want to hangout. No drama, just vibes.