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Good morning, Portland! If you, like me, finally turned on your heating for yesterday's slightly chillier temps, I suggest you shut it right back off because we're rocketing back up to the mid-80s today. Mmm, there's nothing like pulling out your Halloween decorations while wearing a tank top. On to the news!

In local news:

• The Portland Timbers and Thorns have fired President of Soccer Gavin Wilkinson and President of Business Mike Golub in the wake of a damning report on allegations of abuse within the club. Owner Merritt Paulson also announced he is stepping away from his duties following the report, but he has not indicated whether he will sell the team, as fans have been demanding.

• The bicyclist who was struck and killed Tuesday at SE Powell and 26th has been identified as Sarah Pliner, a celebrated chef in the Portland restaurant industry. Pliner worked to create the award-winning restaurant Aviary with her peers, who remember her as a “force of nature.” Pliner was hit by a semi-truck while on her way to work Tuesday. Transportation activists are calling on PBOT and ODOT to immediately place barriers between vehicle traffic and pedestrians and bicyclists at the intersection while an investigation into the deadly crash is conducted.

• We still have very few details on what led to a Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputy shooting a member of the public Wednesday afternoon. Law enforcement officials taped off several blocks along NE Grand Ave in the Lloyd District and said that there were “multiple crime scenes.” Officials have not indicated whether anyone was injured during the shooting.

• Portland Public Schools has joined over one thousand schools districts in a lawsuit against JUUL Labs, the largest e-cigarette producer in the US. The lawsuit accuses JUUL of using deceptive marketing to target youth to start using nicotine products.

In national and international news:

• A former policeman shot dozens of preschoolers and teachers in a Thailand day care center Thursday before shooting more people as he fled. At least 37 people are dead, including the gunman and his wife and child, making the rampage the deadliest in the nation’s history. The gunman was facing a drug charge, which caused him to lose his job on the police force. Authorities are speculating that he targeted the day care center because it was close to his house.

• While personality traits tend to remain stable throughout a person’s life, a new study found that the pandemic may have changed Americans’ personalities. Researchers found that in the second and third year of the pandemic there were significant declines in the personality traits that help us navigate social situations, trust others, think creatively, and act responsibly. The personality changes were associated with the types of changes someone would experience over a decade of life.

• Closing arguments begin today in a Connecticut trial to determine how much Alex Jones should pay for telling his Infowars audience that the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Throughout the trial, parents and family members of the 26 people killed in the mass shooting said they have received death threats, been mailed photos of dead children, and other confrontations for the past decade from people who believe they are “crisis actors” hired to convince the public to impose stricter gun laws.

• North Korea flew 12 warplanes near its South Korean border Thursday, triggering a 30 military aircraft response from South Korea. There were no conflicts between the aircrafts. The unusual incident happened mere hours after North Korea launched ballistic missiles into the sea during its sixth round of missile testing in two weeks.

• Scooby Doo fans rejoice: Velma is canonically gay! Creators of the show have been hinting at Velma’s sexuality since 2001, but never drove it home—until now. This is the future liberals want. 🏳️‍🌈