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Good morning, Portland! We're in for another cool-morning-to-hot-afternoon type of day, with highs in the mid 80s. Now onto the news.

In local news:

• If you ride TriMet, you may want to check out the transit agency’s latest draft service plan, “Forward Together.” The plan aims to increase ridership by adding more frequent service in low-income areas and new bus connections to Portland suburbs, while also cutting some service in high-income, low-ridership areas of the city. The agency is currently seeking public feedback on the plan through the end of the month.

• New research by RTI International shows that Measure 110, which decriminalized possession for personal consumption of some drugs, has had no impact on the volume or types of crime committed in Portland. The research team looked at 911 calls from before and after the measure was enacted—which showed no changes—and talked with over a dozen law enforcement officials, many who insisted that Measure 110 has increased crime. Researchers say it will take another year or so before there is enough data to determine the impact Measure 110 has on overdose deaths and treatment referrals.

• Portland’s bike bus—a weekly bike commute for Alameda Elementary School students—has gained national attention, with features in Washington Post and on NBC News. The biking group, lead by PE teacher Sam Balto, attracts about 200 students to all bike together to school, saving emissions and building a sense of community. If you want to know more, Bike Portland has the best local coverage of the bike bus.

• It’s the triumphant return of HUMP! 2022—America’s sweetest li’l porn festival—for one night only on Wednesday, October 26 at Revolution Hall! GET THOSE TIX NOW!

In national and international news:

• Russia launched another attack on Kyiv Thursday, striking “critical infrastructure” and civilian areas with drones and missiles. It is not immediately clear whether there are any casualties. The Russian military has launched several attacks on southern Ukraine this week as Ukrainian forces aim to recapture occupied areas.

• Over 90 percent of the $800 billion PPP loans distributed by the government during the pandemic were forgiven, an investigation by NPR revealed. The loans, which were created in an effort to keep workers employed, were deemed possibly forgivable when they were administered. However, University of Texas researchers say that 1.4 million of the PPP loans show signs of possible fraud.

• The panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection is hosting a public hearing today at 10 am PST. Panel members are expected to discuss Trump’s state of mind and the role he played in the effort to overturn the election.

• Social Security benefits will see an 8.7 percent jump next year—the largest increase in over 40 years—due to a cost-of-living adjustment. The average recipient is expected to receive an additional $140 per month. While recipients say the increase is appreciated, many note that it will be quickly eaten by inflation.

• Today's song of the day is inspired by the Amazon truck driver who was blasting "Hotel Room Service" by Pitbull while delivering packages on my street at 8 am. What a way to start the morning.