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Good morning, Portland! Hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time, because now the sun is going to set at 2 pm or something unhinged for the next six months. We’re starting the week with a rainy, cold Monday—but Portland should see some sunshine later this week. Oh and while I have you: Election Day is to-fuckin’-morrow! If you have yet to fill out your ballot and need some inspiration, may I interest you in the Mercury’s endorsements? Now, let’s get to the news.

- Remember ShotSpotter, the gunshot detection technology Portland has said it wants to employ? Let OPB pull back the curtain on the tech company’s hefty PR programs, coverups, and lobbying work that seems to have convinced city leaders to invest in the controversial system.

- An investigation by the Oregonian explains how labor shortages have left hundreds of Oregonians occupying necessary hospital beds, despite being well enough to be discharged. Come for the deep-dive, stay for the quote metaphorically referencing bowel obstructions. 

- In case you missed it: Last week, Portland City Council passed a policy that lays the groundwork to criminalize visible homelessness by 2024. It should come as no surprise that the proposal is probably unconstitutional.

- Bad news for those living by I-5: A new study by Oregon State University researchers has found that pollution caused by traffic congestion has a “measurable effect” on pregnant people who live near it (and their babies).

- Child party-thrower and candy-wanter Aaron Carter died Saturday at age 34. It's still not clear what caused Carter to die at such a tragically young age. What is clear is his legacy: best illustrated by this moment in the spotlight on America’s Favorite TV Show, Lizzie McGuire: 

- On Tuesday, millions of voters will decide control of Congress, state houses, governor’s seats, and local offices as well as new policy through ballot initiatives in the 2022 midterm elections. Here's a big picture analysis of what the results will say about the stat of our country. 

- Elon Musk is at it again with the blue checks. After allowing people to purchase a “blue check,” or a Twitter tag that confirms a user is verified, dozens of people created blue check’d accounts impersonating Musk himself. That caused Elon “free speech” Musk to announce a new policy to permanently suspend any Twitter users who are impersonating people, unless they have “parody” in their bio. More like Elon "no fun" Musk, amiright.

- Pieper Lewis, an Iowa sex-trafficking victim who at age 15 killed her alleged rapist, escaped custody on Friday, violating her probation she was ordered to serve after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Will I be arrested for cheering “Run, Pieper, Run!” out my open window? 

- Today marks the first day of the United Nations’ climate change summit, known as COP27. Over the next two weeks, negotiators from nearly 200 countries will nudge each other to improve their clean energy goals as the globe spirals toward an overheated future.

- My final reminder: Fill out your ballot, Portlanders! If you don’t, Blood Moon will ascend to the highest political office Tuesday night: