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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Finally, those devil winds are going to settle down somewhat, and you can expect a dry, mostly sunny weekend with highs in the low 50s. And now let's dive into some devilish NEWS.


• Yesterday, Portland City Council voted in favor of funding a $27 million plan cooked up by Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Ryan that includes criminalizing homelessness and building multiple internment camps that will hold hundreds of houseless people under the eyes of private security guards. A lot of people in attendance rightly DID NOT LIKE IT.

• Related: Yesterday Portland City Council was threatening to gut the annual budget for the Joint Office of Homeless Services—the region's agency dedicated to addressing homelessness—IF county legislators didn't fork over additional funding to cover regional rent assistance. (Homeless advocates and others are correctly identifying this as baby games being played because the city is madz at the county. Sounds SUPER PRODUCTIVE!) Our Alex Zielinski has the disgusting details.

• Here's some good political news: In the town of Gladstone, Oregon (just south of Portland), progressive candidates (including a 19-year-old!) swept the city council and mayoral elections, kicking out the conservative incumbents, including a mayor that seemed to show a lot of patience for right-wing extremists. (Huh! It would seem that embracing the strategy of domestic terrorism isn't exactly working out for the GOP.)

• Remember that mysterious cop shooting from October 5 in the Lloyd District? (I know... there are enough of them that they all start to run together.) Anyway, the Multnomah County District Attorney's office has cleared the deputy responsible of any criminal charges—which means we FINALLY have some more details of what happened. Our Alex Zielinski explains it all for you.

• It's time to test that brain (in a fun way)! See how well YOU score on this week's verrrrry entertaining POP QUIZ PDX! Featuring: the latest local political scandals, Thanksgiving quandaries, and Portland g-g-g-GRAVE ROBBERS?! 😲

• Whoopee, another lawsuit against the city (collect all 34,823): A bike advocacy group announced this week that they're gonna sue Portland, and are accusing the city of failing to uphold a 1971 state law requiring pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in street construction projects. Find out more in this story from our Isabella Garcia.

• The co-owner of the popular SE Portland charcuterie shop Cheese & Crack, also owns a whimsical (and DELICIOUS) steamed sandwich shop on Hwy 30 called Mr. Goose, and our Suzette Smith honks in to give it a review.


• As you can see from the previous tweets I've included today, as of now, Twitter is somehow still functioning despite their offices being closed until Monday, and hundreds of employees giving "Worlds Best Boss" Elon Musk the finger after refusing to sign up to work extra long hours to build a "hardcore" Twitter 2.0. Bets are now being taken over how much longer it'll last!

• Political badass/House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she will be stepping down from her role (but staying in Congress) after two decades of expert Democrat wrangling. Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York has made a bid to take her place which, if he's successful, would make him the first Black person to hold the lofty position.

• Well, this is some bullshit: The Biden Administration is suggesting the US should grant immunity to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was most likely dismembered while doggedly investigating Saudi officials. 

• While Qatar initially gave the okay for beer at their hosted World Cup games starting this weekend, apparently they've changed their minds and have banned beer sales in all eight stadiums. This was especially bad news for Budweiser, who paid tens of millions for the right to be the official alcohol sponsor. The good news is you can still drink beer HERE:

• And finally... wow... Elon Musk will literally hire anyone right now.