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Good Morning, Portland: One of my life's guiding principles comes from South Korean singer Kim Him-chan, who responded to disappointing contest scores by saying to his fellow teammates: "We have to excellent men who can accept results." Now let's be excellent and read the news.

• A Portlander's Subaru showed up at a used car dealership in Southeast, just two weeks after it was stolen, but the owner never heard her car was found and up for sale—despite reporting it stolen—until it was sold in Hawaii. KOIN has the morning's strange tale of bureaucratic siloing.

• Psilocybin-assisted therapy certifiers Synthesis Digital announced earlier this month that it would pause training in Oregon, leaving students who had already completed the coursework in a lurch. OPB's Ryan Haas has an update on the developing story:

• Seems worth noting that the quote about demolishing a historic hotel in Old Town Chinatown—to make way for a Blanchet House-run medical center—that made it into the Oregonian headline ‘We’re still here’: Demolition of historic Japanese hotel in Old Town prompts outcry is about the resilience of Japanese cultural presence in the district and not about people still living in the hotel.

• A recently released draft of PBOT's 2040 freight plan shows an interest in better incorporating cargo bike freight. Bike Portland breaks down the possibilites.

• The product of a partnership between NASA and the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, TEMPO is an instrument developed to measure air pollution from a geostationary orbit, 22,000 miles above Earth's equator. Lauded as the first pollution-monitoring device able to show real time air pollution variations throughout the day, TEMPO will also track where air pollutants flow as a result of atmospheric processes. Kind of fucking cool. TEMPO goes aloft in early April.

If you were waiting patiently for the National Audubon Society to change their name remove John James Audubon from their organization's title, because of his history as an enslaver with racist views toward Black and Indigenous people, YOU WILL NEED TO CONTINUE WAITING. The national organization in said in a statement this morning that the board “decided that the organization transcends one person’s name.” It's honestly a gorgeous example of what not to do and how to explain that thing terribly. Also, although the National Audubon Society flaked, Portland Audubon already voted and PUBLICLY COMMITTED to changing the name.

There have been reports that a Russian warplane struck a US surveillance drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday morning. Such a collision would represent the first time the US war apparatus directly bumped uglies with Russia's war apparatus during Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russia is currentlky denying it and we'll hopefully know more in the coming days.

Stock markets continue to wild out from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Things were better Tuesday, but now they're bad again

Okay, it's Wednesday. Are you ready for it?

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