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Good Morning, Portland! What a complete shit show of a week. At least, this weekend is keeping it reasonable, in the neighborhood of a you-can-still-live 80-degrees. Next weekend it'll be hotter, so do your exertion now. Let's get the news!

• There's some Holman's news! The beloved Kerns neighborhood bar and grill has set a reopening date—it's next week! Ah! I'm not like tear down the doors, over here. But I am like finally a chill place to drink and argue after a movie at the Laurehurst.

• Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek held a ceremony to sign four new bills yesterday—all of which aimed to address the state's housing crisis. Now, we all know the main reason for houselessness is a lack of housing stock. Bills SB 611, HB 3042, HB 3395, and SB 5511 run a gamut of approaches to quell the situation, from improved renter protection to plain ol' funding.

• Sen. Jeff Merkley has been getting Gonzo in airports, filming checkpoints without signage about facial recognition technology and the right's people have to decline. Looks like he'll be talking to the Washington Post's Leigh Ann Caldwell about it on Tuesday.

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• This Sunday, experimental composer Drowse gets gloomy at Mississippi Studios. We checked in on the former Portlander to see what new drones he hath wrought:

• We're still watching the Women's World Cup over here—and will likely be until late August. Here are place in Portland you can catch a game.

• Before you step into that glorious weekend, don't forget to reflect on what we've learned with the Mercury's Pop Quiz PDX:

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• It's Friday morning, and tickets for music and comedy shows are on sale—or about to go on sale. Check out this Everout shortlist of promising, upcoming shows! DEVO IS ON IT.

Trump Indictment Update! On Thursday, federal prosecutors added to the indictment of Former President Donald Trump, presenting evidence that he—in addition to mishandling classified documents—also asked that security camera footage at Mar-a-Lago be deleted. Trump is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.

• It always takes science news a little while to make it into the news news, but earlier this month a paper on an ultrahot expoplanet, casually dubbed LTT 9779 b, described what may be THE SHINIEST PLANET ever found! The New York Times reports "plans to follow up with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes are in motion."

• Sure, sportsmanship, champions etc. But also do you shake the hand of someone proudly representing the people who invaded your country? Do you.

• Is the economy slowing, or are we just being paid less?

What's wrongdog?

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