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Good Morning, Portland! Yesterday, when news editor Courtney Vaughn was working hard to break down any complexities found in the announcement that Chuck Lovell will step down as Portland's police chief, I was working hard trying to Bob Loblaw's Law Blog the incoming interim chief. What do you think about Bob Day's Big Bob Day Job Day? NOW, FOR THE NEWS!

• October 11 will be a Back on the Job Day for Bob Day, a retired Portland police officer who will serve as Portland interim police chief until June 2025. The city's current police chief, Chuck Lovell, announced he will step down from the position in three weeks. Lovell clarified that he isn’t retiring, and will remain with PPB for the time being, serving in a community engagement role. News Editor Courtney Vaughn has more.

• And now for a Portland police chief listicle. I sound like I'm making fun, but this is pretty useful, and I wish we'd thought of it. Three years isn't at all that bad, duration-wise.

• Seven of nineteen Portland-area libraries are currently closed for renovationMercury reporter Taylor Griggs breaks down why that is, and what Portlanders stand to gain:

• In today's Gov. Kotek blast: The governor announced yesterday that she's calling take backs on a portion of the Emergency Homelessness Response funds she sent to Multnomah County, redistributing it to six other counties: Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook counties. A spokesperson for Kotek noted that Oregon's most populous county has way more resources to address the homeless crisis, than other Oregon counties, especially since the supportive housing services tax has popped off so hard that Multnomah County is having a hard time spending it. Kotek has expressed concerns with how Multnomah County and Portland officials are spending state dollars on homelessness, basically asking that the plans be less vague.

• Sept 24-30 is Sea Otter Awareness Week, according to Oregon nonprofit Elakha Alliance, and I SUPPORT IT. It turns out that not only are sea otters little dexterity champions but they "maintain balance within the intricate web of life that epitomizes coastal ecosystems." If these people just want more sea otters on Oregon coasts then I'm pretty sure everyone will be onboard. Check out for otter events.

• Portland Fire & Rescue investigators are looking for a person they think may have set at least ten fires between 3-10 am, Wednesday morning.

• Oregon State Hospital says it will implement one simple trick to make sure mental health patients can't easily steal a hospital van as they escape—you may remember an attempted murderer suspect escaped last month, but promptly drove into a mud pit, where he remained for 12 hours until the ongoing manhunt discovered him. The trick? Staff will no longer leave keys in the ignitions of hospital vans.

• We're heading into the Doug Fir's final shows at its East Burnside location. This week, Hear in Portland's Jenni Moore recommends Bijoux Cone's record release party:

• The Biden administration announced yesterday that it will restart its program that mails free COVID tests to US households. Starting September 25, another round of no-cost tests can be ordered from, and delivered for free by USPS.

• The White House also announced President Biden will create a New Deal-style American Climate Corps. Associated Press reports the plan will employ more than 20,000 young adults "who will build trails, plant trees, help install solar panels and do other work to boost conservation and help prevent catastrophic wildfires."

• Planet Money and NPR's self-described "tiktok boy" Jack Corbett dropped a new finance video yesterday. It's about Student Loans! It's accurate, if metaphorically so.

• Business media magnate Rupert Murdoch plans to retire from his position as chairman at Fox News and News Corporation. His son Lachlan Murdoch (known for having tattoos and wearing leather boots, but otherwise being the same dude) will assume control of his family's global media empire. Truly this is the final season of Succession.

• Okay, get out there and say something gender neutral today.