This week, as we recover from traveling to Seattle for an experiential Beyoncé concert, we're listening to the new version of SZA’s “Snooze” (featuring Justin Bieber) on repeat, and diving into local artist happening here in Portland. No more leaving town for a bit—just staying home to catch up on Dani Danger’s debut music video release for her sultry and vocally impressive single “Addicted to Love,” and the upcoming album from Bijoux Cone. Plus! There’s still time to check out the final shows at the Doug Fir as we know it.   


Upcoming local event(s) featuring local artist(s).        

Final Doug Fir Lounge Shows at Jupiter Hotel

As we approach September's close, we’d like to take this moment to reiterate the fact that the Doug Fir will be leaving from its beloved location at the Jupiter Hotel. Earlier this year, the venue announced that it would be moving into the space formerly occupied by late night Cajun restaurant Le Bistro Montage—AKA the place every Portlander went on prom night. While we’re still grieving Montage, and we’re definitely still processing the fact that Doug Fir will never be the same after the impending move, somehow the merging of these two Portland institutions feels a bit like destiny? There are a few chances left to see a show inside the endearingly cramped confines of the log-cabin themed venue, where a cute woodsy aesthetic abounds, but personal space is a fool’s errand. Doug Fir representatives say they hope to open the new location in early 2024. “The new Doug Fir will feature 300+ capacity, best-in-class sound and lights, enhanced customer and band parking and load in, expanded dressing rooms, an intimate private bar, and patio,” a message on the venue's social media reads, encouragingly. Maybe change isn’t so bad after all. For those who require one last rendezvous inside, there appear to still be tickets for Japanese pop four-piece Chai on September 25, an album release show for art-pop / goth / synth act Bijoux Cone on September 27—which we're writing about in this column—and a pair of Ural Thomas and the Pain headliner events on the location’s final night of September 30.


New release(s) from a Portland-relevant artist. 

Video for “Addicted to Love,” Dani Danger

A couple weeks ago, R&B and soul artist Dani Danger landed on our Must Listen list for her irresistible single "Addicted To Love," which tackles the experience of being in a toxic relationship. Although the Jamaican-American artist was raised in Florida, she currently makes her gorgeous blend of Caribbean-influenced jazz, soul, and R&B in Portland. It's a comforting example of new talent influx, even as artists in neighboring genres (like Moorea Masa and Blossom) have recently relocated to Los Angeles. At the beginning of September, Dani released a music video for the song, which was shot by Portland-based visual mastermind Riley Brown and co-directed by Brown and the artist herself. Just like the song, the video is sultry and emotional. Pool views, sensual bedroom scenes, and heated arguments abound.



Some upcoming music buzz to put on your radar.

Love Is Trash, Bijoux Cone

We see the energy amping up around Portland-based goth, art-pop / synth-pop artist Bijoux Cone, as she prepares for the October 20 release of a new project called Love Is Trash. Bijoux described one of the albums already released singles "Mind's Eye" as a reflection on erasure. “[Mind’s Eye is] about feeling invisible, or being made invisible by others… or even feeling like you have to be invisible in order to survive. Specifically, I wrote it from the perspective of negotiating my transness with my family,” she wrote in a social media post. “Sometimes queer people see a refusal to acknowledge someone’s identity, or a ‘don’t ask, don't tell’ philosophy being confused with ‘acceptance.’ A lot of queer stories are like this, and this song is part of mine." The artist also explains that around the time that she was finishing the lyrics, a transwoman she looked up to, whom she had met early in her process of coming out, died unexpectedly. “Her family put her dead name on the gravestone,” Cone wrote. “It broke my heart and still scares the hell out of me. This song is for her and for anyone else who has had to hide or has been pressured to hide who they are.” Love Is Trash holds the promise of many more insightful tracks, and even some influence of jazz and soul in the artist's work. Fans have a chance to hear her live at a vinyl prerelease show, which also happens to be one of the final Doug Fir dates. (Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside, Wed Sept 27, 9 pm, $15, tickets here, 21+)