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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Put away your coats, because it's going to be summer in October here for the next few days. But don't worry, rain lovers, the fall temps and drizzle should be back early next week. Now, here's some NEWS.


• City Council has been less than enthused about aggressive plans to implement Portland's new governing structure by mid-2024. Now, three commissioners have come up with their own alternative plan, which suggests they be made deputy city administrators, rather than the city hiring or appointing staff to those roles. A charter reform work session Tuesday highlighted tensions over how the mayor's office has handled the rollout.

• It's still WING WEEK at almost 60 restaurants across Portland. Some mouthwatering ideas for where to go: Oregon Public House, which is serving up Aunt Laylay’s Creole Jamaican Jerk Wings (Cilantro, lime, green onion, salt, pepper, Cajun secrets); BAES Fried Chicken (Spicy Peach Bourbon BBQ Wings); Salvi PDX (Salvi Mole wings using a 75-year-old Mole recipe). Get these and more for just $8 a plate, but only until Sunday, so act quick! 

• Despite the recent rainy days, wildfires are ongoing in Southern Oregon and Northern California, and the upcoming heat won't help. Experts say we're likely through the worst of the fire season, but be appreciative for the clean air while it's here, as who knows when our lungs may fill with smoke again. (Depressing, I know.)

• The University of Oregon's abrupt decision to leave the Pac-12 conference will have ramifications for Oregon State University, which is being left behind in the athletic reshuffling, and it's sparking bigger conversations about oversight over Oregon's public universities. As an Oregon Duck myself, I know my alma mater would be nothing without athletics, and that's not a good thing!!!! 

• This week's music news:


• Troublemaking dog-in-chief Commander has "left the White House" because he can't stop biting Secret Service members. I get that's not ideal behavior from the First Dog, but maybe they had bad vibes? IDK. I pray for his swift return, or maybe to be rehomed in a family without armed guards, because clearly he's not into that.

• Goodbye to the ubiquitous (and dare I say iconic?) COVID-19 vaccination cards proudly posted to social media throughout 2021 and 2022. The CDC has stopped printing the cards, so if you haven't lost your original one yet, hold onto it! The historians will want it.  

• Is it finally the end of the road for Twitter? (I refuse to call it “X.”) Owner Elon Musk has perhaps taken things a bridge too far for many journalists (who have long been the world's foremost Twitter addicts) with his removal of headlines from the link previews on the site due to his claim that "it will make posts look better." Well...maybe this is the incentive to get off the platform (and, like, read a book?) we all needed. Hopefully. 

• If you find it hard to maintain a vegetarian diet (reread my enthusiastic endorsement of the Mercury's Wing Week to see where I stand on this issue), maybe it's not your fault. New research says vegetarianism may be easier or harder for people due to their genetics. Now, I'm not saying you should eat burgers three times a day guilt-free (probably not good for you, and definitely not good for the environment or the animals)...but don't beat yourself up over a slip-up. We're all doing our best.

• Finally...enjoy this smiling baby beaver.

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