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Good Morning, Portland! So much happened yesterday. Let's hit the sauce (news).

• Your morning schadenfreude: Kevin Looper—one of the two figureheads behind shady propagandists People For Portland—is facing a lawsuit from the city he is allegedly "for." A lawsuit filed Tuesday claims that Looper's political consulting firm owes more than $46,000 in unpaid business taxes. Mercury News Editor Courtney Vaughn has the story.

• The city is poised to spend $750 million over the next five years on climate projects through the city's clean energy fund—IMPORTANT. But it's also fair to point out that the spending plan hits as another city bureau is in peril. Mercury News Reporter Taylor Griggs breaks it down.

• In other transportation news, (spoiler alert: the city bureau in the previous item was PBOT) inspectors will be examining Tilikum Crossing (the no car bridge by OMSI), and will need to intermittently close either the north or south multi-use paths over the course of the next three weeks (Oct 9-Oct 27). Trimet says one side will always remain open, so you'll still be about to trundle over it, but it would be good to leave time for potential delays.

• In even more transpo news, work for TriMet’s A Better Red project, will close I-84 this weekend—on both sides of I-205. The closure is expected to last from today at 10 pm until 4 am Monday morning. But get hype for MAX's Red Line to reopen soon—OCT 22 baybeee. (I really should never say "baybeee" ever again.)

• The Portland Art Museum just announced the grand opening date for its Tomorrow Theater venue—a home for its eccentric and imaginative PAM CUT program. We got a first look inside the renovated space, the low-down on initial programing (DAVID BYRNE), and have thoughts on whether Tomorrow Theater can—or is even intended to—replace the Whitsell.

• I AM SKEPTICAL that Portland rock band the Kingsmen's cover of Richard Berry’s “Louie Louie” led to the birth of grunge rock in the Pacific Northwest. (Sure, in like a butterfly claps its wings sort of way.) However, I am intrigued by idea of a 24-hour Louie Louie Marathon, which starts at 6 pm, Saturday Oct 7 at AFRU Gallery. City Cast Portland interviewed one of the organizers behind the deeply annoying idea.

• It's Friday, so tickets are about to go on sale for Portland music, comedy, and theater shows. Interesting this week: Jim Gaffigan, Foo Fighters, and—hold up—Sleater-Kinney?!

• US Job growth is up—and that means workers have the power! (This also worries the Federal Reserve.)

• Climate scientists doing a monthly check-in: The Earth's September was hotter than any other recorded September—that's too hot.

• Today's Trump trial update:


• An oldie, but a goodie—a little headline advice to start the day.