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Good Morning, Portland! And good morning to gravy boy, for whom we give thanks. I'm at the Oregon coast, and I like the way starfish smoosh themselves into rock crevasses instead of sprawling out as they're depicted to do in textbooks. This is how REAL starfish live. 

• Is there even news today? There is. But if you have the day off work, it's fine tune out (a controversial stance, I know), and make plans to do something fun. Our calendar team put together a list of stuff happening this week that doesn't suck and makes sense for your pocket book. Por ejemplo, the top recommendation tonight is Bjork Friday at the Clinton where DJs spin the tunes of Icelandic treasure Björk and "an army of drag queens and burlesque performers offer up some big-time sensuality."

• If you want to watch the city's 75-foot tall Douglas Fir go bright mode, today's the day: It happens sometime between 5:30-6:30 pm tonight, in Pioneer Square. There will be singing; here's the songbook for those of you who don't know the words to "Feliz Navidad"—my god, the bar is low on our only carol en español. Here's hoping we can get Brandy's "Christmas for Two" in there next year.

• On Tuesday, activists once again pressured Rep. Earl Blumenauer to call for a cease-fire in Gaza. Senator Jeff Merkley had already done so on Monday, becoming the second Senator in the whole county to call for a ceasefire. Just for the record, the first senator to call for one was majority whip Dick Durbin—I have momentarily forgotten what whips are, but I like to think they make loud whip-cracking sounds behind their fellow senators and yell: Yah! Yah! On November 2, Durbin stipulated that a ceasefire should start with the release of all kidnapped hostages from the October 7 attacks. On October 25, the house put out a simple resolution calling for a ceasefire, that isn't very signed-up yet. Tuesday's protesters were peeved that our Baby Boy Blum hadn't signed it. On November 17, Blumenauer called for an end to the violence in Gaza, writing: "I am not interested in playing semantics, call it what you want: a ceasefire or a humanitarian pause. The fact of the matter is the violence must stop."

• In 2017, Larissa FastHorse's the Thanksgiving Play premiered at Portland’s Artists Repertory Theatre. By 2022, it hit Hayes Theater in New York—making FastHorse the first Native woman to have a play produced on Broadway. This longread from High Country News was published back in July, but it's a terrific profile of the artist and exploration of the compromises she had to make to achieve such a distinction. 

• Today is a big shopping day, but you know what else you could do? Get a kitty. Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon (who used to provide the kitties for Purrington's Cat Cafe before it closed) is offering 50 percent off adoption fees on black cats and kittens.

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• Additionally, Mt. Hoot Ski Bowl announced that snow tubing is open this weekend, despite low snowpack.

• Looking for local music world happenings? Our music columnist Jenni Moore has you covered. This week's Hear in Portland column drops some major local music news and notes a NYE show you will want to grip tickets to before it sells out.


• A four-day ceasefire, brokered by Qatar, between Israel and Hamas went into effect at 7 am Friday morning in Gaza—which means it has been on for about 10 hours now. Hamas released approximately two dozen hostages (24 or 25, depending on who you ask) according to the Egyptian government. The hostages were transported to Egypt, where a prisoner exchange took place. 39 Palestinian prisoners were released from Israeli custody as part of the exchange.

• Late Wednesday night, a car crashed at a US / Canada border checkpoint in Niagara Falls. Associated Press reports "the vehicle raced through an intersection, hit a median and was launched through the air before slamming into a line of booths and exploding." The FBI investigated the crash, which killed a husband and wife, and found no evidence suggesting it was a terrorist attack. They haven't yet identified the two people who died in the wreck.

• Bell Biv DeVoe performed at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with the ninja turtles, and the people rejoiced.

• You all have probably seen this facetious nepo baby video created by an actual, real-life nepo baby. But in case you haven't, I wanted put it in your view, so you'll be caught up with the discourse.

• Seriously. Seriously. Do not start decorating for Christmas until she eats the bones.