Major local music news this week: One of the area's most beloved nonprofits is raising funds to start an all-ages venue, and you can help them do it—just by going to a well-curated slate of shows! It's almost time to part ways with Portland-raised rapper-producer Fountaine, but he has a few DJ nights left on deck. We’re also looking ahead to a damn-near irresistible NYE show featuring headliner Ural Thomas and the Pain. Get into all these local music happenings to "Hear in Portland." 


An upcoming local event featuring local artist(s).

Reptaliens Friends of Noise Fundraiser

Rumors to this effect have been brewing for a hot minute, but local youth-centered music nonprofit Friends of Noise (FoN) announced recently that its now raising funds with the goal of opening a dedicated all ages concert venue in the Spring. Fans can contribute at a slew of concerts on the FoN calendar, but we're particularly amped about this upcoming show at Mission Theater—actually the first all ages show FoN have booked at the venue—with headliners Reptaliens. Typically dealing out guitar- and synth-pop scifi surrealism, the explorative musical duo of Bambi and Cole Browning grounded themselves with their 2022 album Multiverse. The 10-track full-length is a pop-heavy record where synthy guitars on final track “Jump,” blissful and sunny grooves on lead single lead single “Like a Dog” stand out as highlights. Rounding out the show, you'll want to arrive early to catch Portland-based psychedelic pop and indie rock band Shadowgraphs open, along with noisy fuzz and punk rockers Cereal. (Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan, Wed Nov 29, 8 pm, $15-20, tickets here, all ages)

Farewell Fountaine

Here at the Mercury, we’re longtime, avid fans of Portland native rapper-producer Fountaine, so we’re sad (but understanding) to hear he plans to relocate to Los Angeles. The artist is going out with a bang, performing a month-long dance card of DJ sets through November. “PDX has been good to me,” Fountaine wrote in a social media post where he announced the move. “I grew up here, learned a lot, and have had a amazing creative time, but it’s time for me to conquer another conquest.” He added: "There’s a huge lack of culture and solidarity growing up here, and it’s messing with my creative juices, my mental [health]... I’m looking forward to creating smiles and more with everyone upon my departure.” The first and second installments of Fountaine's farewell DJ nights were dubbed “Scorpious” and “Ultraviolet" and showcased funk, R&B, and hip-hop tunes. The events dropped with 4-5 days notice, so keep up with him on Instagram for updates. 


Some upcoming music buzz to add to your radar.

Ural Thomas and the Pain

We have yet to hear of any better New Year’s Eve show, thus far, than the planned blowout by Portland-based soul legend Ural Thomas and the Pain. Thomas is one of the city’s shiniest gems, having established his solo career in the ’50s and ’60s, and resumed sparkling in 2013, with his acclaimed band. In 2022, when Thomas was 82, the band released its third full-length Dancing Dimensions. It was the group's first album of entirely new songs that didn't fall back on Thomas’ preexisting catalog. The Pain band is comprised of musicians decades younger than Thomas: Scott Magee on percussion, Brent Martens on guitar, Arcellus Skys on bass, Steve Aman on keyboards, Willie Matheis on tenor sax, Dave Moonie on trumpet, and Bruce Withycomb on baritone sax. Largely lauded as one of the best albums to come out of Portland in 2022, Dancing Dimensions feels both nostalgic and new, offering 14 tracks of phenomenal soul. If you're just giving it a spin now, make note of the sublime interstellar grooves on its title track, the upbeat sunshine vibes on the jingle-worthy “Gimme Some Ice Cream,” the climactic and sentimental “Do You Remember the Times We Had,” and the lighthearted “My Favorite Song.” Thomas’ voice sounds as lovely as ever; he leads harmonies that sometimes feel like time-traveling to an Earth Wind & Fire concert. All the tracks on Dancing Dimensions are the ideal makings of a terrific NYE set. Other acts on the bill include Portland-based folk rock band the Builders and the Butchers, soul- and blues-infused rock from Hopeless Jack, comedy from surrealist realist Adam Pasi, and groove maintenance by DJ Cooky Parker. (Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, Sun Dec 31, 9 pm, $35, tickets here, tickets here, 21+)